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The County Administrator’s Recommended biennial (two year) budget that is based heavily on business plans developed by all departments under the County Administrator. Business plans were developed to help better align departmental strategies and goals with the overall County strategic goals and objectives, and to allow greater tie-in between the County Strategic Plan and departmental budgets. These business plans are expected to be living documents, and be updated as appropriate.

Business Plans were developed to help management, staff, and residents gain a better understanding of departmental services and objectives. Each plan includes a discussion of the department’s key customers and major customer expectations and definition of the departmental mission and major services provided. Key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats document the key areas currently or potentially impacting the ability to provide key services. To help departments to increase their level of service delivery, key initiatives for addressing current issues are defined, as are future issues that could affect the department’s ongoing ability to provide key services. Finally, to allow departments to track progress in meeting defined service levels, core departmental outcomes are defined to allow ongoing performance measurement.